My name is Oliver Kövecses, creator of Calm Tea. It is my pleasure to have you here!


On the Great Wall of China (spring of 2014) 


When I was a kid, I would have never thought that one day I will be spending years in China. For a long time, I was not even interested in Eastern culture or spending time abroad -- I was 20 years old when that completely changed.

During university in Hungary, I received an opportunity to go to China for language studies for two years. I spent a year in the bustling mega-city of Shanghai, and one year in the culturally significant, beautiful city of Hangzhou. My two years in China have re-shaped my way of thinking and interests as I learned Mandarin Chinese and immersed myself in the local culture.  


West Lake in Hangzhou (2019) 


After I moved home to Hungary from China in 2017, I founded my company that focused on introducing premium-grade Chinese tea to European audiences. Between 2017-2019, I spent a significant amount of time not only in China, but also in Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of South-East Asia. My adventures and experiences gave inspiration to creating the Calm Tea brand. 

Calm Tea to me is a way to re-visit my experiences in China and Asia. I want to create tea beverages that are not only exciting and delicious, but also provide a window to the Eastern world. I use high quality tea leaves as the foundation for Calm Tea, sourced directly from China, Japan and India. Using these raw materials, we produce fully natural, small-batch tea beverages in Hungary, with the involvement of excellent production partners. 


Around the Longjing tea plantations in Hangzhou (2018) 


I hope that the Calm Tea beverages will serve as a little "Eastern trip" for you as well, and take you to places that I love so much in China and Asia. I am looking forward to guiding you during your travels! 😊

Wishing you memorable tea experiences, 



In Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (spring of 2019)