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Calm Tea

Calm Tea - Green (24-pack)

Calm Tea - Green (24-pack)

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This refreshing drink owes its balanced taste profile to the so-called "Goddess of Mercy( 铁 观 音 ) oolong tea of Fujian province in East China. Though this tea is not actually categorized as green tea due to a more complex processing method, it is similarly fresh and vibrant. 

The floral, fruity notes of green oolong tea is accompanied by fresh ginger and lemon to provide a slightly zesty and spicy twist. At the end of production, we add a couple drops of small-batch raw honey sourced from our friends at "Völgy Méhészet" (or Hollow Apiary) near Szekszárd, Hungary. 

The final taste is fresh and floral, lightly zesty, with a clear honey sweetness. With natural caffeine content it is mildly stimulating, a beverage with a clearly positive vibe.

One can holds 250ml.

One pack holds 24 cans of Calm Tea.

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Frequently asked questions

Does it contain sugar?

Yes, Calm Tea is sweetened with small-batch raw honey and brown sugar. Its sugar content is 3.6g / 100ml, which is about 30-50% of most commercially available iced teas.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes, Calm Tea is produced with whole-leaf green oolong tea, hence it contains naturally extracted caffeine. Its caffeine content is 15 mg / 100ml, which is about 60% of the caffeine content of an espresso coffee.

Why is it in a can?

As a premium beverage, we wanted Calm Tea to have a packaging that is not only eco-friendly but also supports keeping product quality high in long-term. We saw aluminium cans as the best solution, because: aluminium cans are lighter and easier to transport than glass or PET, making transportation more efficient and enviromental-friendly; rate of recycling for aluminium cans is higher globally than for PET or glass, making it more likely that an aluminium can is actually recycled once discarded; aluminium cans support long-term quality of beverages as they protect the drink best from oxygen and light.

Is it vegan?

As we sweeten Calm Tea with small-batch raw honey, it cannot be considered a vegan product.

What are the ingregients of Calm Tea?

Calm Tea is produced using directly sourced Chinese green oolong tea, fresh ginger, fresh lemon, small-batch raw honey and brown sugar.